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Quality Views

100% safe real Vevo views with guaranteed Likes and engagement included in the price.

When you buy Vevo views the exposure satisfies the strict high-quality requirements for VEVO music videos.

NEVER purchase standard YouTube views for a Vevo video. Here’s why …

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Real Engagement

High viewer retention and real audience engagement levels on your Vevo video.

Any campaign we run will ensure your video is promoted higher in search results so the video generates its own views organically.

NEVER purchase fake Likes or Comments under any circumstances. Here’s why …

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Expert Support

Customers are our most important asset, and we serve people with that in mind.

Your dedicated Account Director and their team is available 24 hours a day to respond within four working hours, your local time.

LAND on your feet with our expert advice from our experts. Cool experts. Funny, too.

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Buy Vevo Views FAQs

Why has Vevo disappeared?

Millions of artists and labels have been asking – What happened to Vevo?!

Vevo has not disappeared at all, they simply decided to roll back some of their consumer apps and websites from 2018. You still need to buy Vevo views – specific high-retention, location-biased, engaging views with comments/likes/shares by real music fans – nothing has changed in that regard.

Standard YouTube views are still not good enough to ensure the safety and effectiveness of a YouTubeVEVO video.

For more details see our widely shared blog article Why has disappeared?.

Why should I buy Vevo views that have long viewer watch time?

Audience retention (video watch time) is something that Vevo focuses on heavily – even still now, despite Vevo closing its consumer-facing website and apps in mid-2018.

Your YouTubeVEVO video still has special high-quality requirements such as retention (watch time) location and engagement authenticity that is much higher than standard YouTube videos.

Also, you need your YouTubeVEVO video to get to the top of the first page of search results for your video’s keywords and sound frequencies – this can be achieved with our Vevo views, which ensure the required audience watch-time as well as the use of the necessary sources/methods.

Our high-retention options can vary in line with your preferences and/or video type/s, just get in touch and we’ll recommend the best way forward for you.

If you require extremely fast views then naturally the retention (watch time) will be slightly reduced. However the same overall advantage is still gained for your video – the retention is slightly less but there are more viewers watching in a short period of time.

How can you guarantee Likes and engagement??

At Video Views International, we have 14 different Categories that we group videos into. Almost all Vevo videos fall into our “Music & Song Covers” Category, which is in fact our largest and strongest area.

When you buy Vevo views, we expose the video to highly relevant, quality online networks and communities, which brings real music fans and engagement, comments, subscribers etc to match any viral hit on YouTube.

Your Campaign Manager ensures your video gets the most out of the campaign every time you buy Vevo views. We will leave your video in a healthier position in the search results for additional ongoing organic views after the campaign.

How many Likes will I probably get?

Our promotional campaigns generate the same amount of likes as the general standard of viral videos on YouTube, so about 1:100 Likes-to-views ratio.

This means a video being viewed 10,000 times can expect around 100 Likes, and a video being viewed 100,000 times can expect around 1,000 Likes. As you can see the Likes make up around 1% of the views.

Do You Sell Vevo Subscribers?

Yes you can buy Vevo subscribers who will jump on board your YouTubeVEVO channel. We are the only agency providing lifetime guaranteed real subscribers that stay in touch with your YouTubeVEVO channel and videos. Buy Vevo subscribers HERE

Can we buy TikTok views from your company?

Indeed you can buy TikTok views as we have set up a dedicated TikTok video promotion service as a stand-alone division of our agency.

All TikTok video views packages come with likes, shares, comments and TikTok followers all included in the package price. There is more information at our main website on why and how to buy TikTok video views

Do You Sell Instagram Video Views?

As of 2018 yes! We have the only viral service for Instagram whereby you gain real followers, real quality likes and real comments from quality Instagrammers who are interested in your content. buy Instagram Video views HERE

Can you do hip hop video promotion?

Yes. In fact we are the leading source of rapper and rap video viewer engagement worldwide. Click here for more information on our hip hop video promotion division.

Can I buy safe YouTube views from you guys too?

Yes we are the leading provider of safe YouTube views, drop us a note and introduce yourself anytime, there are packages and flexible methods of deliver to suit anyone and everyone. buy safe YouTube views HERE

Do you have specialist music video promotion services?

We most certainly do. We are the world’s largest music video promotion company, spanning all continents, modern nations and music genres. The majority of our clients are music-related artists, professionals, producers, labels and celebrity agents.

Such is the size and scope of our social media communities, we can accommodate most major languages and connected dialects. It represents the biggest investment since our inception back in 2009 – real people waiting for and keen to encourage new music from anywhere anytime.

Can I buy Twitter views from you guys too?

We’re excited to inform you that as of 2021 we have launched our Twitter video promotion service.

Visit our main website for more information on how and why to buy Twitter views.

We strongly recommend you read and take on board our tips on Twitter video optimisation. Unlike Vevo, there are some key considerations on length, timing etc when putting out a Twitter video. So, before you buy Twitter video views from us, you should understand a couple of fundamental What/How/Why points regarding successful Twitter video production, publishing and viewer engagement.

Will some people "Dislike" my video if I buy Vevo views?

Yes there may be a couple of Dislikes, but also there might be no one who clicks “Dislike” on your video during the campaign. The “human factor” is in charge of that one.

Don’t feel offended by a couple of people Disliking your video, it shows that people are watching it at least, and on YouTube the Likes on a video always out-number the Dislikes by 100 to 1.

You shouldn’t over-estimate how much people care about seeing Dislikes on a video. People really don’t care that much. Art is about levels of appreciation, and if you some have variance in your audience’s levels of appreciation you must be doing something right!

How can I check if your services are doing any good for my video?

To check retention:
Do a small test campaign on a YouTube video. Two days after your campaign has finished, log into the YouTube account and CLICK Info and Settings just under the bottom left-hand corner of the video. Then CLICK Analytics in the left sidebar, then down a little lower CLICK Audience Retention and look at the “AVERAGE PERCENTAGE VIEWED” box.

To check search results:
Before you buy Vevo views, go to YouTube and type some high competition search words that people might use to look for a video like yours, and try and find your video in the rankings. (Remember you should have the best keywords as part of your video’s Title (ideally at the start of the Title) and they should also be right at the start of your video Description)

Check what page of the search results your video appears on when you search with those words. Repeat the same search a few days after your campaign and compare the results.

You may need to do some research and learning about S.E.O. before you promote your videos, to best optimise, monitor their progress, and re-adjust as needed. Of course we can always help you with video optimisation too!

When do people start watching my video?

On a Vevo-on-YouTube video
Within 24 hours after placing your order, your video will already have started being viewed.

Keep in mind that YouTube’s servers have some delay, so there can be a lag of up to 24-48 hours until you actually see the views appear in your video’s view count. The delay in view count accuracy can be up to 72 hours if you are viewing your video from a mobile phone or tablet device. Please be patient!

When you view your own video a few times, you will see those views register immediately because it is on your local server. However when people all over the world are viewing your video, there are multiple servers in different locations cooperating to update the most accurate representation of the view count as quickly as possible, but it’s always about 12-24 hours behind.

On a video
Views occurring directly on Vevo will register within a day, similar to YouTube.


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