What are Vevo Views?

Our Vevo views service is a slightly more expensive video promotion campaign that involves generating real views that satisfy high-quality requirements.

Vevo videos are not like standard YouTube videos – they require a specialised, higher-quality method of promotion as well as engagement via actual fans of the particular type of music, not to mention the language/culture of your music video.


If you choose to promote your video with some paid seeding, you need specialised Vevo views to be generated by the views provider. Almost all views providers have no idea what this Vevo Views Info page is talking about.

NOTE: We also sell specialised Vevo Subscriber packages (including free views and engagement) for Vevo-on-YouTube Channels – CLICK HERE for more info on how to buy Vevo subscribers.

What does “Vevo-safe views” mean

Vevo-safe views are generated by a method that’s palpable to the different algorithmic preferences of Vevo, in order to achieve a faster-than-usual accumulation of views by a particular video.

Obviously the retention needs to be high so a single view takes longer to occur which obviously requires that more views occur at the same time, but also the online sources of the views are more limited, as are the countries in which the Vevo.com version of the video can be viewed.


Don’t risk going cheap

There’s a reason why our Vevo views are a little more expensive than our YouTube views. It’s not about us trying to make more money for the sake of it.

If you purchase cheap views from low quality providers (like the cowboys who used to sell a million views for just a couple of hundred dollars before YouTube’s September 2014 security upgrade, not to mention the new 2018 updates directly affecting Vevo vids!) then sorry to say it, but you deserve what you’ll get.

And then there’s the cowboys who put their prices up to the same as ours, and say their views are high-retention and completely safe, and it is quite simply not true.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT under any circumstances purchase standard YouTube views for a Vevo video. It’s like filling your car’s tank with aeroplane fuel – something is bound to go wrong. Stay safe, stick with us.

If you’d feel more comfortable touching base with us before placing your first order, flick us an email at support@videoviews.international

Vevo Views Prices

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Views must be high retention!

It’s simple. If a views provider does not shout out loud “These views are high retention!” then you can be certain that the views are not high retention.

High retention real video views are very costly to generate for videos, whereas low-retention and fake views cost next to nothing.

Also, over 90% of views that are sold as “high retention” are simply not high retention. You are being flatly lied to by a pack of morally reprehensible fraudsters who do not care if you catch them out, do not care about your video or reputation, and simply rely on the fact that most people don’t check their video metrics and realise they’ve been scammed.

Views matter

It is also true that if your video has a lot of views in the view count, users will be much more likely to click your video. So if you have been scammed with low-retention views, it’s not all bad, you still have some added appeal to potential viewers, just make sure you get some real Likes and engagement happening, and only promote your video with high-retention views moving forward.

Engagement matters just as much as views

With our service, video Likes and engagement are included in the price of the service, and we lay the foundation for your video to kick on with some of its own ‘juice’ aft the campaign is finished. The ratio of Likes-to-views is about 100:1 so about 1%. Meaning, if you purchase 10K real Vevo views from us, your video will receive more than 100 Likes – we simply continue exposure on social networks with high levels of engagement until the quota is met, which doesn’t take long.

What is BuyVevoViews.com?

BuyVevoViews.com is the music video division at Video Views International. We are not connected to or affiliated with Vevo or YouTube in any way. We generate high-retention Vevo video views across the Vevo-on-YouTube version and the original video on Vevo, with Likes and engagement included in every campaign.
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